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  • Practice schedules are available in early November.

  • Teams begin practices in early November and practice twice a week.

  • Games typically begin on the first Sunday in December and continue for 12 weeks not including one week off in late December. Games are

  • held on MLK and Presidents’ Day weekends.

  • Playoffs start immediately after the season (typically first week of March) and continue over the following two weeks. Format is single elimination. It is recommended to leave this time as flexible as possible as weeknight games are possible.

  • Go to for individual team schedules, which are posted just prior to the season in late November.

  • Playoffs are played at Mass Premier in Foxboro and other neutral sites.

  • Playoff games are played on weekday nights and weekends. Schedules are posted a few days before playoffs.

  • The State Tournament, for teams that qualify and wish to play, is the week following Metrowest playoffs.


The 2023-24 final practice schedule can be found here:


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