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Travel Basketball FAQs


What is the Newton Metrowest League?  Newton participates in the Metrowest Basketball League which has teams in approximately 85 area communities.  Teams can play at the Division 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 levels.  See for more information on the league.

What is the philosophy of the program?  The Newton Metrowest Basketball program is run by volunteer coaches and endeavors to teach basic basketball skills, develop a competitive team spirit, stress sportsmanship and create a healthy and fun sports environment for Newton children.  By promoting and teaching basketball, we hope that many of our players will choose to go on to play for their middle school and high school teams.  Almost all of Newton’s top high school players have played in the Metrowest program.

What is the policy about playing time?  Playing time is determined by each coach, but Newton Metrowest Basketball encourages that each player receive roughly equal playing time during the regular season. This may vary due to a number of factors including attendance at practices, positional needs, competition, fouls, injuries and other factors. Players may play more in some games and less in others. All teams make the playoffs so "making the playoffs" is not a reason for a less developed player to receive less playing time. Playing time concerns should be expressed to the coach. During the playoffs, coaches may "play to win," but all players are expected to receive meaningful playing time, including entering the game in each half.

What age are players?  Players are boys and girls in the 4th through 8th grades.  Players are grouped by grade, not age, and Newton requires that players must play within their own grade.

Is my child eligible?  Players must either live in Newton or attend a Newton school through the METCO program. Players who attend private school in Newton but do not reside in Newton are not eligible.

How many players play Metrowest?   Newton places one or more teams in each age group in the Metrowest League.  There are typically 12 players on a team.

Is there a tryout?  Yes, tryouts are held in October.  All players interested in playing are encouraged to attend whether or not they have been on a travel team in the past.  Pre-registration for tryouts is necessary.  Players should plan to attend both sessions.  Click on the Tryouts tab for the current schedule.

How do I register?  All players should register prior to tryouts by clicking the Registration tab. Tryout fee is $20 to cover gym rental. Registration opens in August.

When are practices?  Typically teams practice twice a week, but the schedule will vary by team.  Practices may be scheduled on every day except Sunday. Practices are in Newton area gyms.  Practices start in November.

When are games?  Games are on Sundays beginning the first week December and running through playoffs in mid-March.  Home games in Newton for 4th, 5th and 6th grade teams are generally scheduled after noon, although occasionally a game may be scheduled earlier due to facility constraints.  Due to limited gym space, some towns schedule Sunday morning games, and often the younger teams are scheduled for the earlier games.  It is unusual to have more than a few Sunday morning games out of 12 games per season.  Metrowest does not schedule games on Christmas weekend, but does schedule games on Martin Luther King weekend and February vacation weekends.

Can my child also play in a Newton recreation league?  It is possible to also play Newton Girls Basketball Association (NGBA) or Newton Athletic Association (NAA) basketball.  While the decision is up to each family to make, many families find it difficult to be committed to two teams.  Seventh and eighth graders who are also playing basketball for their middle schools often also play Metrowest basketball.  If your child does not make a Metrowest team, he or she should be able to play in one of the recreational leagues, but the travel team must take priority.  In fairness to both teams, please consider in advance whether there will be conflicts. Players are expected to attend all Metrowest practices and games when in conflict with a recreational league activity.  Metrowest is not affiliated with either NGBA or NAA.

How much does it cost?  The cost varies by team and depends on the cost of gym practice and game time, the number of tournaments that the teams plays in, referee costs, etc.  Typically the cost for the season is around $650-$700.  Partial scholarships are available. Families needing scholarship help should email once selected for a team.

What is the commitment that is required from families?  The Metrowest team requires a commitment from players and parents to attend practices and games.  Because rosters are small, teams are disrupted if players can’t make the necessary commitment.  The team should be your child’s primary sports commitment during the winter season.

What if I want to coach?   There are often openings for coaches and assistant coaches.  Please contact the appropriate league coordinator if interested.

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