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Registration for the 2024-25 season opens July 1.  All players must register in advance for tryouts and should plan to attend both tryouts.  When you register, you will be asked to pay the $20 registration fee that covers the cost of gym rentals for our two weeks of tryouts.  We have a new registration system through the TeamSnap app.  This will allow us to collect payment directly through the app rather than through coaches.  Once a player is assigned to a team, you will receive directions on paying by credit card through the app.  We hope that this makes it easier for parents, coaches and league administration.  You will only need to provide information when you register for tryouts.  The site will remember you when you return and sign in.  We also hope that the app will provide an effective communications tool during the season.


Click here to register.


We strongly encourage parents to drop off players at tryouts and to remain outside of the gym during the entire tryout session.  This allows coaches to better command the attention of the players and to make tryout sessions as stress free as possible.  Players should bring a water bottle and a ball clearly marked with the player’s name.  See the Tryout tab [link here] for dates and times for each age group. 


Team Selection

Teams are selected by the coaches at the conclusion of tryouts.  A player who declines a roster spot on a team may not be eligible for a higher-level team the following season.  Teams are selected to provide the most competitive situation for both teams and players.  Players may move to a different team each year based on several factors including the player’s development and team balance.

Religious Conflicts  
Is your child unable to attend practices on Friday evenings or Saturdays?  Please email the president and appropriate coordinator prior to tryouts.  Because of gym availability and coaches’ schedules we cannot guarantee two weekday practices but will do our best.  Regular season games are on Sundays but an occasional make-up game and playoff game may be scheduled on a Friday or Saturday.  Please make sure that your coach knows of your child’s availability at the beginning of the season so that we can avoid conflicts as much as possible. 

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